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Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation(BSCIC)

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) is the prime mover organization entrusted with the responsibility of improvement of small and cottage industries (SCI) in Bangladesh. It is an autonomous corporation under the Ministry of Industries and was established by an Act of the parliament in 1957. It is the successor organization of EPSCIC. Under the direct or indirect initiative of BSCIC a plenty of entrepreneurs has been created and enterprises has been set up in the country. But the influence of globalization and the free economy impacts upon the traditional manufacturing enterprises. This situation for marketing of small and cottage industries products is a major constraints facing by the sector. BSCIC is to provide facilities to the existing and new entrepreneurs to expand and develop their markets and to stay and sustain in the competitive environment


To be the leading Organization in Developing Small, Medium & Cottage Industries that contribute to the economic growth and to create vibrant and resilient SMCIs that enhance Bangladesh is competitiveness in the world market. To transform SMCIs into an economic powerhouse of the country by 2025.

Mission  Providing latest technical and managerial assistance to enterprises and communities for

the improvement of productivity, quality and environment.

 Promoting strategic alliance with clients as well as national and international professional

bodies in pursuit of economic development.  Molding a work place that encourages creativity, innovation, professional growth and positive value.  To instill and eventually ingrain deeply the concept of learning organisation into SMCIs and encourage them to be export-oriented.  Sharing the rewards of own endeavors with our communities, customers, employees, suppliers, management and our stakeholders.

Main Objectives of BSCIC:

• Increase of industrial production and...