Crazy Hourse and Custer

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Page One

In the introduction, what parallels does Ambrose see in the live of Crazy Horse and Custer? Both were violent war hawks, first to charge the enemy, and last ro retreat. Born and died at about the same time. Both honored leaders at a young age. Humiliated at there top of their careers because of weman they loved. They didnt drink, great hunters, and loved riding horses in the wide Great Plains.

What was life on the plains like for the Sioux? What impression did the fur traders have of the Sioux? What observations did Francis Parkman make?

Why were the Sioux “… in a state of flux” when Crazy Horse was born. What did Sitting Bull think?

What were “two myths” about Indians, held by whites? What did the two parties agree upon? What was the “Key to the American character,” and how did this conflict with the Sioux character?

How was “Curley” raised, and what was his family like? How did games play a part in his training for manhood? What signs did he learn on the plains?

How were boys trained to be warriors?

Why were the Winktes different, and what was the tribe’s attitude about them?

What purpose did the akcita societies serve?

Why did the Sioux live without compulsion?

How were the Oglala divided?

How was Curley different from most Oglala children?

What happened when Grattan and Harney attacked the Sioux?

What was Curley's vision, and how did his father interpret it?

What did Curley think about after joining the Cheyenne in battle against the soldiers on June 29, 1857?

What did Lt. Warren and Bear’s Rib...