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The Spotlight on Starbucks

Many years ago a young businesswoman traveled by plane on a business trip. The plan was bumpy, rocky, and nerve racking. She was exhausted and thirty after the plane land. There shined a cozy shop in a corner of the Airport walking area. It was called Starbucks she had never heard of this place but she loved coffee and optimistic about the new crowded place. She tried a tall black coffee with 6 raw sugars and a shot of cinnamon dolce’. They wrote her name on the cup and yelled her name when it was up the atmosphere was cheerful and friendly. She was reminded of a James Bond movie as she sits and sips. This was the best coffee she had from the time when she sip grandmother’s saucer. She tried to locate a Starbucks, but they were only in the Airport area and Seattle locations. The only times she could have a cup is on a business trip traveling by plane. She looked forward to those rendezvous with Starbucks. Later Starbucks had expanded in her city and throughout other cities. The taste and atmosphere was the same as when she traveled by plane. She told her husband and friends of her first experience of Starbucks coffee; it was the perfect cup of coffee.

The businesswoman later went back to school to receive her MBA. The Marketing Spotlight was on Starbucks by reading a section of an abstract and answers a few questions; and summarizes the global perspective of Starbucks issues. The research showed several factors lead to Starbucks key success here in the United States and overseas. The marketing four p’s strategy is expressed in the success of Starbucks. The product that Starbucks specializes is coffee and related beverages. The taste of the coffee is an addictive flavor that drives the consumer to buy. The company sells Italian style espresso beverages with blended shots of flavor. Such as pumpkin spice, fall spices, blended creams with steamed milk and foam. A coffee with blended ice and milk is a Frappuccino. The...