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To: Editor of the Houston Chronicle

Re: Bridger Teton Forest

Dear Editor,

I would like to speak to you in regards to the conservation of the Bridger Teton Forest. First of all I would like to make clear the definition of conservation. Conservation is the exploitation, improvement, and protection of human and natural resources in a wise manner, ensuring derivation of their highest economic and social benefits on a continuing or long-term basis. Conservation is achieved through alternative technologies, recycling, and reduction in waste and spoilage and (unlike preservation) implies consumption of the conserved resources.

It is a known fact that Casper-based True Oil LLC hopes to drill two exploratory natural gas wells in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in 2013. One of the wells would be on an existing pad and the other well will need to be constructed. The company proposes expanding a third existing pad to hold a 65,000 barrel freshwater reservoir. The company has a lease for about 4,800 acres, but it is too early to speculate how much could be developed. True Oil plans to use the existing facilities and to minimize any additional disturbance caused by the two wells and reservoir, which should make the preservationists happy.

This is exciting news, as this could help break the dependency that the U.S. has on foreign oil! True Oil has held leases to the area since 1978. But is wasn’t until recently that advanced technology allowed drilling to occur horizontally through shale using hydraulic fracturing, which is more conducive and cost-effective in the area.

Mr. Editor, what I believe we need to do is to make the people aware of the benefits of the oil and gas exploration. As you well know, currently, there is no other resource that we know of, that could supply the amount of our energy Americans consume. This is our only world, and we should try and utilize the resources that have been given to us. That is what we do as a people. If...