Change and Culture Case Study I

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Change and Culture Case Study I

Dwight A. Green

Managing in today’s Health Care Organization/HCS 514

April 29, 2013

Professor Steve Kovak


Management positions are not easy what so ever, especially when an organization is in the middle of transitioning in which causes numerous changes. Changes that organizations and its employees may face are workforce reduction, mergers with other organizations, ongoing trends related to social and economic factors and the impact of technology. As the cost continues to escalate organizations adapted by restructuring there delivery of care, such as a system shrinkage as hospitals decertify beds or close altogether, an increase in mergers and other affiliations catalyzed the growth of health care systems. Massive change in health care has become a way of life, and dollars are the driver of this change (Leibler & McConnell, 2008). Mergers between organizations appear to be common as they come together utilizing there resources and combining them together to secure economies of scale and other operating efficiencies and sometimes for reasons as basic as survival (Leibler & McConnell, 2008). Not all mergers are successful due to increasing responsibilities on employees and management. Each organization has its own way of how to operate, anytime there is organizational change it creates conflict. Management must find a way to resolve any differences and ensures that the combined staff are continuing to provide quality of care for its patients.

Change and Culture Case Study I

This paper is based off a case study where the middle manager in a health care organization that has merged with a previous competitor who now is facing challenges due to the change. Up until now, the employees of that organization saw the competition as an enemy that provided poor quality of care. On top of that, the new corporation has in place several inpatient and outpatient services that the organization does not. With this new...