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After reading “I’m Going” by Tristan Bernard, I noticed Henri’s characteristic as being very selfish. He seems to only want to do what it is he wants to do. Instead of Henri spending an afternoon with Jeanne, he would rather go off to the horse races by himself. Henri is a selfish, immature human being. Henri’s excuses for his wife to not go include spending too much money, I only have a good time when I go alone, and blaming the weather. He states that it will cost 25 Francs for a special carriage, and since it will be raining she will not have a good time (Clugston, 2010). He does all this just to get her not to go.

This story captured my interest because of its humor between Henri and Jeanne. It seemed like they like to just bicker with each other and do as they please. Henri just wanted to go to the races without his wife. He wanted to be able to stroll around the racetrack looking at whatever he pleased. He knew that if his wife went with him, then he would have to be on his best behavior and wear nice clothes. He did not want to be tied down like that. Jeanne wanted to go with him so they could spend the afternoon together, but after the story went on; she started resenting him because he was acting immature toward her. Jeanne did not help the situation either. She said he always makes disagreeable remarks toward her. She also put a guilt trip on him by saying that it was not fair for him to go out when she was not able to go out herself. That is why he would rather go do something he enjoyed without her.

There was a lot of Satire and Farce in this story. Henri keep on saying he was going to the races, then turned around and said no I am not going. He tried to convince her that she should not go to the race and to go out for a walk or something else. When she finally said that she would just go see her friend Juliette, he thought there was another man involved. He was just being very immature. The satire in the story is that he should...