Change Story of Brand Project in a Distributor Company

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Change story

Here is a change story about DKSH started the branding project for four years’ preparation after the merger in 2002.


After a series of mergers, DKSH is the world’s leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. DKSH help companies to grow in existing markets and to expand into new ones. For this DKSH offers a comprehensive package of services that includes organizing and running the entire value chain for any product; from sourcing, marketing and sales to distribution and after-sales services.

As DKSH defined the new business category of Market Expansion Services and set the pace in industry, DKSH wants to establish DKSH as a global brand. So DKSH started a branding project with the aim of developing an all-round image stating quickly and directly who DKSH is, what DKSH does and what DKSH stand for.

At that time, I am responsible for the marketing of a fish oil product. All promotion materials should be adjusted to match the new brand guidelines. I have to prepare all the promotion materials under the new brand guideline. We should get approved final draft from local brand champion before production

An actively managed change

Step by step, branding project has been implemented after basic brand elements designed.(See chart 1)

* Well preparation

1) The brand portal which is an online platform for all branding information has been launched.

2) Corporate design guidelines have been developed for various applications and materials and all the guidelines were collected into DKSH brand book.

* Vision sharing

1) In order to personally present the brand strategy, its goals and how we plan to achieve them, CEO started the CEO Roadshow which has so far covered 21 countries.

2) There is a brand champion assigned in every location to in charge of implementing the branding project

Chart 1: key steps of implementing brand project

Effective implementation

We can get from Chart 2 that brand champion is key...