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Case Study

What is the nature of your business and what product or service will you provide?

Many school systems have year-round schools. Instead of having twelve weeks out of school in the summer, students attend school for nine weeks and then have three weeks out of school. This happens three more times until the school year is complete. Year round schools have four tracks. The four tracks each follow the nine weeks on and three weeks off, but they start at different times. On any given day only three tracks are at school one track is always off. (WCPSS)

Other than all students never being in attendance at the same time year-round school are just like traditional schools. Students are offered the same courses, given the same state test, etc. Year-round schools have sports team just as other schools do. With all the students not being out of school at the same time it is almost impossible for them to attend a basketball camp as a team. It is also hard for some of the players to even attend a basketball camp if none occur during their three weeks off in the summer.

My business idea is to have a year-round sleep-away basketball camp. The camp will be open most weeks of the year. The camp will not need to be open from November to February because of basketball season and winter break. During the remainder of the year, it will be open every other week. By being open every other week the camp will always be open for at least one of the weeks during a year-round school student’s vacation. Year-round students who were not able to attend a basketball camp in the past, will finally be able to attend a camp. Year-round students will also be able to attend basketball camps in the Spring and Fall.

Another population that will be served are homeschoolers. Homeschoolers have flexible schedules and some might want to attend camps that occur during non-summer months. Homeschoolers will like these options also because of the fact our camp will focus on...