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Perform a (SWOT) analysis

The executive management team at Grant Clinic Inc. has prepared a financial plan for the clinic’s board of directors. The clinic’s management team will present the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and external threats of the organization. A SWOT analysis will be performed, to create effective management strategies, improve financial planning, identify growth opportunities, and reduce the external threats (financial risks) that affect the quality of health care services to patients.

First, the executive managers will use the SWOT management planning tool to gather relevant information that captures the current operations of the community and the organization. The managers at the clinic have conducted face to face interviews with most of their professional employees, to gather relevant data about the clinic’s management operations, their professional employees, and the quality of health care patient services. This data was collected from employee surveys and patient comments, to clearly identify the major attributes, strengths, and weaknesses, threats/risks, and growth opportunities of the clinic.


Grant clinic, Inc. is a profitable organization with a good source of working capital and financial resources available. The cash-on-hand for 90 days is acceptable, and the organization has a good level of investment income for future costs and financial planning of resources. The organization has a credit line of $75,000 currently available, and the loan has been approved through the bank, in case of any potential financial risks. The clinic has a greater proportion of assets to debt ratio and their equity ratio is expected to increase within the next 2 years. The clinic has strong ties to the community, and has made huge efforts to raise their level of working capital, through donations, organizational memberships, and fundraising events.

The population of the suburban community (near the...