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Automating a Support System Needs Document

An organization should have an established system to facilitate improvement in the efficiency of their company. Whether the improvement is in the marketing department, human resources department, accounting department, or any other department, the process of building a support system is of utmost importance.

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a food service company that started in San Diego and currently has three stores in other large cities in California. KFF must follow the correct steps to improve efficiency in promoting their fine foods and to spread the word about the wonderful catering and deli services they offer. A design and analysis program needs to be developed through technology to promote KFF. The management will need to carry out an design analysis that will identify the requirements that can be presented to the computer information systems company they contract with to assist and complete the marketing design that the management has identified as their requirements.

A needs document is a document that supplies the necessary information to help the management design and analyze the technological solutions. This needs document contains the user and business requirements that have been supplied by the management. The needs document will provide the catering details and delicatessen details and at the same time will give the consumer a pleasant experience to ponder over helping them to decide to try KFF’s services for their next function (Turban, 2010).

Identifying the Need

The need identified for KFF is the development of a marketing tool in the form of a social networking advertising promotion that will appear on the various social networking websites introducing KFF to those that have not hear of the company previously. Social networking marketing has become the wave of the future in marketing. KFF will decide whether to use a steering committee to guide this project or to let this be the CIO...