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My name is Dat. After one year in the UK and participated in the International Business course of University of Bedfordshire, I am clearly determined that I am very interested in this course. I am writing to demonstrate my interest in the Master course in International Business in the University of Greenwich.

I grew up from a family where my parent and my brother are working in different countries overseas for a long time. It can be seen as a reason why I am very interested in business as well as working with foreign people all over the world. Over the last four years in undergraduate level at Foreign Trade University and University of Bedfordshire, the Business studies course truly helped and provided me a deep knowledge about the basic business education as well as brought me skills and independence to prepare in the competitive environment for my future career. Besides, through a blend of learning activities, including lectures, workshops, seminars and group project working, those also offered essential social skills in communication, group working and management as well.

After all, I consider spending my time to study a Master course in University of Greenwich to be clever choice for my future career. Accessing new cultures and teaching styles helps me to enrich my knowledge. Moreover, living in a big city as London, will help me to improve my communication ability in English. In addition, International Business course is a suitable choice for me to continue to upgrade my study. They are all reasons why I am eager to continue to study abroad in the UK.