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Why students drop out college education

Students without complete college education affront many obstacles on their life; drop out college can be count as a highlight failure, it will affect their job opportunities, loan approval even a retirement plan; Perhaps the acknowledge of this problem the number of drop out students have increased during the last thirty years .I believe there are three basic reason of the problematic: financial support, unexpected parenthood and job opportunity.

Manage a work schedule and attend class It is a stressful situation for a student, for example; a middle class student has to be able to support the family income and save a good chunk for his\her expenses, for many of the students it just become too difficult and is obligate to leave the school for indeterminate period of time, but this breaks have a non-comeback option with repentant consequences .In the case of the illegal students the financial issue is critical they are obligate to paid the full tuitions ,the immigration regulations denied financial aid of any type, achieve a degree became a luxury for this group.

I am a mother of two active daughters; I deal with the time, the study, home chores and my responsibilities as a parent, it could be a struggled situation for anybody .Many parents agree that their children’s are the priority so when they are sick or have behavior major problems they can’t assist to class and be focus in the assignments. Without the support by the reliable person or an affordable day care, college education will be forced to put on the side.

To be enroll on the college demand follow schedule ,be responsible and a hardworking ,a good number of students lost their motivation ,the got bored ,they expend more time socializing than the books , as result they have a low grades ,they are susceptible to jump in the group of people whom doesn’t want to invest more money and time ,they take the job opportunity and cover their basic priorities.

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