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Executive Summary

Male Gear Wear (Gear Wear) is a men's aerobic sports retailer based in Ashland, Oregon. Gear Wear offers the most comprehensive selection in town and arguably on the Internet/mail order as well. By offering the most complete selection as well as a knowledgeable support staff, Gear Wear will quickly gain market share. Ashland was chosen because of its diverse, active culture. It is not uncommon for people to make a job sacrifices in exchange for quality of life gains, and the active, outdoor lifestyle is the majority in Ashland. Gear Wear is a Oregon based L.L.C. primarily owned by Stan Gearboy.

Keys to Success

Gear Wear has identified three keys to success that they believe will be instrumental in reaching sustainable profitable. The first is the need to meet the customer's needs by offering the most comprehensive selection and knowledgeable staff. The second key to success is the need to monitor the competitive environment in an effort to ensure differentiation. The last is related to the accounting systems of the organization. Gear Wear has identified the need to design and adhere to strict financial controls.

Competitive Edge

Gear Wear's competitive edge is its unsurpassed selection and sales staff knowledge. This will be a significant edge because no other store offers the comprehensiveness within multisports as Gear Wear. The type of athletes that participate in a variety of aerobic sports do so as a part of their lifestyle. It is a part of their life, an activity that they enjoy and look forward to. While the activities may be somewhat painful when you are doing them, depending of course on the intensity that you reach, overall it is quite enjoyable. This would also explain why they particate in so many different ones. One on hand some of the sports are seasonal, on the other hand, you cannot get enough of just one.


Gear Wear is being lead by Stan Gearboy, a veteran of the outdoor sport industry. While in undergraduate school, Stan...