Job Burnout

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Job Burnout

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Burnout is a physical condition in which the individual regularly feels physically and emotionally drained. This condition is usually brought on by long-term stress, overwork, and lack of support and acknowledgment. Burnout is usually confused with stress but is not the same thing. Stress is related to urgency and anxiety and burnout relates to the loss of interest, and the feeling of “giving up” or disappointment. The symptoms of burnout can vary among individuals, but tend to include irritability, lack motivation, and loss of creativity. Burnout can be prevented but is very important to recognize the signs before it begin. Burnout is not only bad for the person experiencing the condition but it could be bad or even dangerous for the people around that person.


There are many definitions for burnout but most of them coincide that is considered a state of mental, emotional, and physical fatigue caused by extreme and extended stress. Burnout occurs when people feel overwhelmed and cannot meet the constant demands. This may be the result of unrelenting stress but not to be confused with too much stress. Too much anxiety can lead to depression and serious physical conditions. Burnout is characterized by disengagement, blunted emotions, helplessness and hopelessness, loss of motivation, ideals, and hope while stress is characterized by over engagement, over reactive emotions, produces urgency and hyperactivity, loss of energy, lead to anxiety disorders, physical damage, etc. Burnout usually stems from work when individuals feel overworked and under evaluated (Smith, Segal, Segal, 2012). This is a very extensive topic, and there are many articles about this subject but the two that caught my attention the most are “Job Burnout” by Dawn Rosenberg McKay that goes in- depth about the definition and consequences of burnout and “The Factors That...