Findings from the Perceived Satisfaction with Work Survey

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Findings from The Perceived Satisfaction With Work (PSW) Web-Based Survey

Student: Steve Villanueva. Course: STAT 233 Questionnaire Design.

Instructor: Steve Potassium. Date Due: 11/20/2012.


The goals of the cognitive pre-tests were to test respondents’ ability to accurately recall their GPAs from each semester at college, grades for specific business courses, to identify difficult questions to answer regarding current employment status and educational plans, and to test whether skip patterns were appropriate.


Eight cognitive pre-tests were scheduled and completed. Four female and four male respondents were scheduled in order to provide pretests that were almost evenly divide the respondents among males and females, and among those doing concurrent or retrospective probing.

All eight of the interviews were conducted in person at an office setting. Interviews took 20 – 30 minutes, depending on the understanding of the question. Because the respondents had a mean age of 29, there was about Other than the questions about remembering GPA of each semester and specific business courses, there were no problems with probing.

Three of the interviews used in-person concurrent probing, while three of the interviews used in-person retrospective probing. Because the survey is a web survey, it was important to simulate how respondents would see the questions on the computer screen. The retrospective probing interviews took longer than the concurrent probing interviews because of the need to repeat the survey questions prior to asking the probes.

The administration of the survey questions took a mean 19.8 ± 2.7 minutes, which is an acceptable total interview time. However, the final question of the survey about income was asked to be done privately (without the interviewer seeing the answer) in order to respect the respondents’ privacy. Comprehension of the income question was tested during the debriefing. Respondents were told to...