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“I Feel So Damn Lucky”

In “I Feel So Damn Lucky,” management consultant Tom Peters claims that a lot of changes are happening within 21st century white-collar workplace. In the mid-20th century work was more difficult because there was not as much technology to aid workers with their jobs and now technology is in more rural places. In the future, colleagues will be found across the globe who will not ever have actually met face to face. People will be specifically evaluated so that they have the exact requirements for the job, unlike in the past. This leads to more international people working together who are specifically trained for that job. I believe in that statement while I was working at Verizon the company was shifting jobs that were being done here in the US over to an international country. That led me to interact with people who were overseas.

Tom is predicting that within the next few years, there will be more contact with global teammates; each having a specific skill, working together to achieve major projects. He points out that in order to survive in the workplace nowadays; it does not matter if you are doing your job well, in the end, you will still have to deal with competition. He implies that you will need to be a hard worker instead of waiting and relying on other people to do the work for you. The competition I feel that Tom Peters is talking about is the labor cost. If my job can be done overseas for half the price that I am getting paid for to do my job, why would a company want to keep me? This is becoming a reality now in the workforce.

Tom is hinting that the boom of the internet will become the 21st century’s next big thing that will connect everyone together. He shows an example of how technology has made it easier to obtain and hold peoples information. Also, how much easier it has made people be able to finish their work on time.

Tom is a strong believer that if your unable describe yourself (skills set) in approximately...