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What is Facial Complexion?

Facial complexion is the color of our facial skin and the way it appears. Normally people classify facial complexion based on dark, white, wheatish etc. It is seen that men have a slightly less complexion than women.

Why the fuss about getting a fair complexion?

Many people, especially those from India are concerned too much about not having a fair complexion. In fact I know people who try products that supposedly make you fairer but to no avail. There are all sorts of products which claim to make you fair. There are several ways by which you can enhance your complexion. Any skin tone gets its beauty when it has a natural glow. To accomplish this all you need to spend is on consuming safe drinking water. Drink at least 12 glasses of water. Do not compromise on your water intake even if it is winter season. Allow the body toxins to be washed away with sufficient water intake. Juices are not to be counted to complete this 12 glass concept. Limit drinking coffee too much. Never allow your skin to be dehydrated. Moisturize your skin which is very essential. Drink carrot juice with honey. Black grape juice is also good to purify your blood.

Why do you get dark skin in the first place?

Fair skin vs dark skin

The reason most people are dark are either genetic or due to long exposure to sun. When you are exposed to sun for a long time, melanin is produced in your skin which gives you a dark complexion. The more melanin that is produced, the darker you get. The UVA-radiation generates oxidative stress, which in turn oxidizes the already existing melanin and leads to darkening of the pre-existing melanin. Some fair skinned people tan as a method to minimize damage or protect their bodies from harmful UV rays.

Sure Shot Tips to Getting a Fair Complexion

1. Go out in the sun less

2. Apply sun screen lotion half an hour before you go out in the sun.

3. Use the natural face packs mentioned below or some reputable whitening...