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‘Early Germanic hero is a warrior, who is characterised in literature by the part he plays in a set of pre-determined political and social constraints’

‘concerned with the preservation of his reputation’

‘hero must conquer blows that fate aims against him because he is commited, too, to the conquest of chaos’ – similar to Christianity

‘Imposition of law and order- and control’

‘germanic hero preservation of his reputatio’

The hero, endowed with greatb powers, is nevertheless a mere human

‘warrior of stature within a feudal society, carrying out a task, which is his duty to complete, dependent on constraints’ To waver from this would damage his reputation’

Germanic hero task is to conquer in an often military sense’

‘sometimes with ethical impulses, and it can mean in political terms the conquest of chaos’

Sel defence- not just leaving it upto god

Turn other cheek

‘songs must be sung about their deeds’ i.e. Beowulf

‘German warrior without a victory to his name was to be pitied’ try to incorporate that into jesus, he achieved conquest through pacifism

‘it leads to acquisition of wealth, which implies power’

‘the conquest of the self- the coming to terms with a situation’

‘constitute the fulcrum on which the whole work balances’ Beowulf ruled land well for fifty years’

‘christian warriors know a mans life is determined by God’

‘the hero is associated with tragedy’

‘hero is reassured with the knowledge that he will be remembered well’

‘the notion of a tragc saint has been dismissed because the overt promise of heaven detracts from that tragedy’

‘battle of maldon’, illustrates the problem of reputation within a political context and straightforward narrative terms’


‘payment of tributes might be seen as a cowardly way out’ ‘There are not moral, but perfectly sound economic grounds for not payng tribute’

‘hardly likely that bhyrthynod was motivated motivated by personal fame and glory at...

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