Don and Sancho

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The relationship between the two main characters Don Quixote and Sancho Panza is crucial to the story. Their unique relationship reflects the thematic goals of Miguel De Cervantes such as; idealism vs. realism, self-sacrifice vs. individualistic behavior.

Don Quixote lives in a world that only exists in his mind; he is a delusional chivalrous knight. He wishes only to “go on a quest of adventures putting into practice all he had read in his books” (393). He searches out Sancho Panza who is a simple-minded individual to be his squire. Their relationship continually changes as they learn that idealism and realism are two different things.

Don Quixote believes he is a true knight and needs a squire. He elicits the help of Sancho Panza who becomes his squire. Sancho Panza begins his journey with Don Quixote under the belief that he is indeed a chivalrous knight. He tells Sancho “I would have you know, friend Sancho Panza. That among the knights-errant of old it was a very common custom to make their squires governors of the islands or the kingdoms that they won, and I am resolved that in my case so pleasing a usage shall fall into desuetude” (412). This seems to be the only logical reason Sancho Panza agrees to be Don Quixote’s squire. Sancho Panza desire to be King of an island shows his individualist behavior.

Sancho’s dreams are crushed when Don Quixote fights the windmills believing that they are giants. At this point Sancho’s aspiration of becoming King are shattered, this is a turning point in the story where their relationship begins to change. Sancho Panza has gone from being a squire to a chivalrous knight to his babysitter. However, he still remains by his side as his faithful squire. At this juncture in the story Sancho Panza’s sanity becomes questionable. Rather than preventing Don Quixote from hurting himself or performing these ridiculous acts of chivalry Sancho Panza encourages his delusional behavior. Sancho Panza and Don Quixote try to...