Innovation at International Food

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Case Study Analysis Report

Innovation at International Foods

Lecturer: Hiep Pham

Student: Tran Song Loc

Student ID: s3296865



1. Introduction 4

2. Business Background 4

3. Key Issues and Business Impact 5

I. IT Policy 5

II. Business Relationship 5

III. IT Budget 6

4. Recommendation 7

I. Apply the Pilot Study. 7

II. Build a strong alignment between IT and the business. 7

III. Planning the IT Budget. 8

5. Conclusion 9

6. References 9

1. Introduction

This report provides a written analysis of the mini case study Innovation at International Foods (IFG) in the IT Strategy book. The purpose of this report is to figure out the issues and it impacts on business, and then provides the recommendations to IFG.

2. Business Background

The International Foods Group (IFG) is the largest purveyor of food products. IFG purchased dozens of companies each year and keep growing up.

IFG is the major national brand in America, and in 1980 IFG became a public company.

The IFG Tower is the head office of IFG, located in Chicago. The company logo appeared on the packages of almost every type of food such as breakfast cereals, soft drinks, frozen pizza, cheese and snack foods.

IFG purchased Glow-Foods, a small company in Toronto. The owner of this company is Josh Novak who is the new team manager for IFG. Josh Novak is quite success in using social network marketing in Toronto. IFG want to change the way of the IT marketing. They want to use the social networking to target in the youth and young adult customers. However, IFG found it difficult to innovate strategically when compared to new companies.

3. Key Issues and Business Impact

I. IT Policy

Business Issue:

IFG is the large company. Therefore, the IT policy is so strict. Any new technology before applied must follow the company’s procedures and structures. They cannot operate without formal processes

Business Impact:...