Child Labor

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“ Sweatshops

1. Introduction

A. Sweatshop workers are subject to various types of abuse by supervisors.

B. 1. Workers are subject to extreme exploitation.

2. Sweatshops are tied to human trafficking.

3. Also tied with child labor.

C. Sweatshops are wrong and present many problems.

2. Employees are often hurt on the job.

A. Conditions are terrible and cramped.

1. The equipment is faulty and often breaks.

2. The area allows employees to often get sick.

B. No health care is given.

1. When hurt on the job sweatshops just replace the employee.

2. When fallen ill the employees aren’t given health care and must fend for themselves.

C. Despite constant injuries and no health care the employees are given little


3. Employees get payed very little.

A. They get payed $0.20 to $1.00.

1. Annual salary is around $200

2. The amount of money they get is below minimum wage.

B. The amount of money there payed doesn’t match up with the hours they


A. On average they work 12 hours a day and 25 days a month.

B. Sweatshop workers work about 300 hours a month compared to the 160 hours of a average worker.

C. Their pay is one of the very inhumane things sweatshop workers face.

4. Workers are faced with inhumane actions.

A. They are treated badly.

1. By are abused in various ways.

2. Verbally, physically and mentally.

B. Sweatshops includes many forms of labor.

1. Children at the ripe age of 5 forced to work.

2. Woman are abused and have to use birth control to prevent themselves from getting pregnant.

5. Conclusion...