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Case Study – The Forgotten Student

Keller Graduate School of Management

GM 591 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Dr. Dennis Frese

January 25, 2012

Although Christine’s group has gathered most information for their case analysis, I believe their group is in the Storming stage of team development. Setting ground rules and determining what is acceptable behavior is defined in the forming stage of team development. I believe Christine’s team failed to successfully work as a group allowed Mike to segregate himself and not participate with the group. This is troublesome for her group since their case study is not complete, graded on a group effort and is due in one week. Furthermore, Mike only submitted hand written material for his portion of the project. The storming stage of team development is evident when there is high emotions and tension in the group and the formation of cliques. This is evident in the in the cafeteria incident. Mike may have felt angered and left out when he saw his team together in the cafeteria. If Christine, their group would have a stronger bond, effectively work together and not in panic mode one week before the case analysis is due.

I believe the primary problem with the group is communication and the secondary is interdependence. One of the specific factors in order for a team to succeed is communication. Factor seven in Twelve Tips for Team Building: How to Build Successful Teams handout indicates “Communication: Are team members clear about the priority of their task.” Christine did not set ground rules, explain expectations or address her concerns with Mike. The case study states that the group laughed when Mike completely rejected the idea of meeting before class and made excuses to skip group meetings. The group laughing at Mike’s remark set the tone that his attitude not to participate. I also feel there is an interdependence with Mike. Our book discusses that “When interdependence is high—that is,...