Leaders Are Born Not Made

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Leaders Are Born Not Made:

Leaders are born not made is a very sensitive subject in the organizational or managerial enviroment, this subject has been discussed for 50 years or more and we still have not found an answer for it. It is said that leaders are born with something within that the other people just do not have, It is an intangible characteristic that can't be explained, but when you see it, you will recognize it, and on the other hand it is said that people can be trained to became leaders. There is a big but there since most of the subject ‘ leadership’can not be tought, some people think that a person cannot be taught to lead but some other people are born to lead naturally.

To start with we have to know what are the roles and the definition of a leader:

A leader is someone who influences or inspires a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. A leader has to be a friend so the leader and his group can share ideas and feelings, a leader has to be a philosopher to guide his group with his knowledge and experience.Dr. Paul Hersey defines leadership as "working with and through others to achieve objectives."

A leader is someone who guides others towards a common goal, a leader shows others the way by giving them examples like if there is a problem and no one can fix it, the leader will go and solve that problem personally unlike a director who would only give others the instructions to solve that problem. A leader creates an environment in which all the team members are or feel actively involved in the process of achieving that common objective. A leader is not the boss of a team but the person that is committed to taking the responsability to carry out the mission of the company.

The qualities of a leader:

A leader has to be a good listener because the team members may have a very good way to improve the leader’s idea. If the leader is open minded to hearing other ideas, the leader can come up with newer and better ways to acomplish the...