Career Development Plan Part 1

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Career Development Plan Part 1 – Job Analysis

ElizaBeth DuBois Quail

Human Capital Management 531

June 23, 2010

Donald Kilgore, MBA

Career Development Plan Part 1 – Job Analysis

A salesperson can make or break a company. By not finding the most beneficial salesperson, a company can quickly lose profits. Creating a job description and by using workforce planning, you are ensuring that you find the right candidates.

Job Analysis

When analyzing a salesperson’s job, there are several methods to use. The most appropriate in this case would be observation, interviews, critical incidents and a task checklist. These four methods used together will help to create a profile for what the job duties and specifications are. This will help to ensure the right people are placed in the salesperson position


Observation gives a chance to see the job performed first hand. This allows the observer to see how the salesperson performs their job. It will allow you to see how the process moves along from obtaining the client to making a sale all the way to the finalizing of the sale. Here little tricks can be seen and it gives the observer to see what the current procedure is. This will allow the observer to see if there needs to be any changes made.


By using interviews, it gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the job. You are able to get down to the nitty gritty and find out from a salesperson what they find works and does not. It also gives to you the chance to learn more about the position and ask questions that you may have.

Critical Incident

With critical incidents, you are able to see some scenarios of situations that have previously occurred and see how they were handled. This will allow the opportunity to determine if the current method of handling this type of situation was effective or not. Critical incidents will also help to show if a certain situation happens more often then not.

Task Checklist

Once an observations,...