Information System Briefing

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Pris Akin

Information System Briefing

HCS – 483

April 01, 2013

Professor R R

Information System Briefing

“Health information systems (HIS) play a vital role in acquiring and analyzing the patient information for the management of patient care” (Sinha, Saha, & Shetty, 2012, para. 2). A health care professional needs to be able to access information that is both reliable and accurate to provide quality effective care to patients. The process of selecting and acquiring an information system may vary, however, to develop and implement an information system that is effective and secure can be a challenge. It is important that each of the organization’s stakeholders understand their role and focus on the goals of the organization that can help drive to the selection of the right information system. This is why selecting and acquiring the right information system for an organization is a critical process as there have been many case studies with both system acquisition successes and failures. In the next few paragraphs, much time will be given to the “process for selecting and acquiring an information system, how the organization’s goals drive the selection of an information system, and what the roles each of the organization’s stakeholder’s play in the selection and acquisition process”.

Selecting and acquiring an information system

The way a healthcare facility runs their health system is an important factor that contributes to the overall success of the organizations goals. As healthcare facilities evaluate their rapidly changing environment, they are left with making decisions concerning upgraded systems to replace or modify the one already in place that can provide continual growth and success. Before making decisions in what information systems best fits the organization that can affect an entire healthcare industry, the organization has to go through a process that can help evaluate questions and concerns regarding the wants and needs of an...