Animal Testing- Beneficial

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Using animals for medical purposes is very beneficial. There are many new and already present diseases that require cures. Many diseases can be fatal, and some even create epidemics. Scientist use animals to experiment the function of certain medicines. Some people see this procedure as animal cruelty, but it is not really true. There are many advantages animal testing can have for humans. Some examples of these cures are for already present diseases, AIDS, and right now trying for cancer.

A good benefit of animal testing is that it precludes the testing on humans. Sometimes we all might think that it is cruel of inhumane to use animals this way, but would you like for scientists to test on humans instead? I think not. We do not want to face the fear if something goes wrong. We are too paranoid with our health and scientists do not want to be the cause of our fears. Many animal testing is not all that harmful to animals as we think. Many new experiments have created another medication that well mediate or sedate the animals. Animals will not feel pain during this whole process. Also humans have the opportunity of getting their health in good shape. Animal testing provides humans with the advantage of having medicine. Where would most of us be without medicine? With every new disease comes turmoil, and with medicine we can prevent this. None of us want our families to be in danger or even ourselves. We need to take advantage of these experiments and cooperate with scientists. All they are trying to do is help us in our health life.

Scientists also use animal testing to see the effectiveness and risks of new medicine. Scientists try their best to create a medicine that will improve health, but what happens if the medicine is not tested? There will be consequences to the use of the untested medication. Scientists proceed with numerous trial-and-errors before using the medication on humans. If the drug was not tested, how would we know...