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Date: 2007/4/30


|Fixed |Locked by anther application. |

|Fixed |Vista upgrade issue. |

Date: 2007/4/20


|Fixed |Driver with logo. |

|Fixed |The Digital Mic-In as the preferred the Audio-input device. |

|Fixed |System pops "Locked by another application" and "please turn on the Camera" error message when launch Webcam |

| |Utility. |

|Fixed |Japanese edit UI displays error characters. |

Date: 2007/4/16


|Fixed |CAS pop up an error message and can not work. |

|Fixed |The CPU frequency can't works properly under Vista Balanced mode. |

Date: 2007/4/14


|Fixed |System launches the Chicony Webcam Utility then disappears quickly after resume from S3/S4 sometimes. |

|Fixed |The Zoom, Flip, Flickerless and Night Mode setting of Chicony Webcam Utility - Properties/ Options all be reset |

| |after resume from S3/S4. |

|Fixed |Add 1. Silent install (/s) 2. Won’t run CAS when installation ( /s /n) |

|Fixed |Rename “Audio Output” to read “Audio Input”...

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