Identifying Malicious Threats

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The CIO Company will use firewalls, intrusion detection systems, virus scanners and other protective software to provide some assurance that the security policies for the site have been properly implemented. Firewalls are the basis of which a computer and network security defense have been established and set with certain perimeters which can vary it just depends on how they are set and for what. They are very hard to configure properly, and people who configure them may not know the current threats and attacks. For example, the game developer maybe working on some task and might leave something open in a firewall where attackers can enter through. Some firewalls have the vulnerability that enables attackers and be defeated. By identifying the network components, you can evaluate their potential risks, threats and vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities can have flaws in the technology, configuration, or security policy. Vulnerabilities can be fixed different ways, applying software patches, reconfiguring devices, or deploying countermeasures such as firewalls and antivirus software. Threat is when people take advantage of vulnerability and cause a negative impact on the network. If threat occurs it needs to be identified, and the associated vulnerabilities need to be addressed to minimize the risk. Once the vulnerability has been addressed risk can still occur but at least for the current threat the problem will have been fixed and detected as well as being able to block the vulnerability of associated threat from continuing to happen. As of today, most of the hackers are interested in hacking services such as HTTP and HTTPS which are open in many networks. The game developer can use access control devices, which can detect malicious exploits aimed at these services. In today’s society applications have to improve, and try as hard as possible for hackers not to be able to get into the system and successfully hack it. But the technology needs to stay up to date and be...