Harmless Entertainment

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Behavior can definitely be influenced by entertainment on television, movies, and video games. That's the main reason people have parental controls on electronic devices in their homes. I believe that the controls are necessary depending on the child and how influenced they are. Some children can watch entertainment and be perfectly fine.

Violent television shows can definitely guide a child's behavior. To be good or bad, mostly bad. Using parental controls can be preventive to aggressive behavior. Parents should have parental controls on every electronic device in their homes depending on ages.

Movies can guide a child's reaction to different situations. Movies like Taken can increase hostility for strangers when traveling alone. But, sometimes movies are good to watch when they're love stories like Love Story. It gives little girls the idea of fairy tales and happy ever afters. And that they can come true.

Video games can guide a child's behavior more than any other type of entertainment. In 2013, video games are the number one type of entertainment chosen by children and teens. Most of which, are violent because, some people enjoy the idea of getting their anger out and not hurting anyone. I feel like if you think certain video games are not right for your child then, do not buy those games for them. There are many different games that are not violent, choose one of them.

Viewers' behavior can be influenced depending on the measures you take to ensure that it is not. If you install parental controls, restrict your child from playing certain games, and not buy or rent violent movies. Then, there should not be any reason your child could be violent due to the entertainment that they watch.