Privacy Laws and Policies Debate

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Privacy Laws and Policies Debate

Debi Washington-James

Course: XCOMM265

Date: July 8, 2012

Instructor: Macy Dailey

University of Phoenix/Axia College

Privacy Laws and Policies Debate

Even after the discussion and reviewing opposing views, I am still in favor of workplace privacy laws, and in companies interpreting them in whatever way is necessary to protect them. There was not one point or argument presented that was strong enough or convincing enough for me to change my opinion or belief. The expectation of privacy in the workplace in light of technological advances and the experiences of some companies are naive at best. Even having individual account numbers and passwords do not provide the kind of privacy most employees think they should have because there is always equipment being upgraded that will override those codes, which is the employer’s intent. ‘Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”) of 1986 Congress extended laws related to wiretapping to electronic communications such as e-mail and internet use’ (Friedman, B., & Reed, L. (2007). This same act prohibits the interception of these communications but that is still little protection for the employee against having their e-mail monitored. When discussing an employer’s right to monitor employer provided equipment, the 7th Court of Appeals admonished ‘the abuse of access to workplace computers is so common (worker’s being prone to use them as media of gossip, titillation, and other entertainment and distraction) that the right of inspection is so far from unreasonable that the failure to do so might well be thought irresponsible’ (Muick, 2002, pg. 743).

The equipment and the information on it is proprietary and in that the equipment is provided to employees for the sole purpose of performing their duties, employees do have a choice as to whether they stay with that company or go elsewhere, hopefully with the knowledge...