Hot Air Baloon Case Study

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Table of Contents

1. Background: 2

2. Analysis: 3

2.1 Information Needs: 3

2.2 Current information needs 3

2.3 Anthony Triangle 4

3 Discussion: 6

3.1 Information Management: 6

3.2 Information and Strategic planning: 8

3.3 Information and Decision Making: 8

3.4 Management Information System: 9

3.5 MIS Tool for Managers 10

3.6 Network Information System: 10

4 Proposal: 11

4.1 List of Projects that company should undertake next year. 11

4.2 Categorisation: 12

4.3 Rationale and Justification of the Proposed Projects: 12

5 Conclusion: 12

6 Recommendation: 13

7 Reflection and Critical Review: 13

8 References: 14

1. Background:

The tourism operators as compared to the other businesses are confronted with a variety of challenges, complex aims, catering difficult to predict demand and confining business activity as according to different plans of action. These unique requirements for the tourism operator sector are a result of its business peculiarities. In the similar scenario it is important to mention that complex business information demands are among the core reason that makes the tourism operator sector difficult to execute. Many tourism operators working in limited capability are surprised to experience phenomenal growth of their business over a short period of time. By the time these small tourism operators realise that their demand in market has increased they have little time to react to this growth in demand. The academic theory suggest that alongside extension in to the resources is required to address such circumstances, they are also required to equip their business with most relevant and upto date information.

Although no business working in any capacity small or large cannot deny the importance of the information for the business execution and business development but particularly discussing the particular case of Hot Air Helicopter, it is noticed that the company is struggling to...