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Psych 110 /Week 5

1. I would consider myself a sensation seeker and the trait I most identify with is Disinhibition. I consider myself a sensation seeker because I seek out things and activity that will benefit me and make me happy. The advantage is being happy and satisfied but the disadvantage could be all things that feel good are not good.

2. My own achievement I would say is just mediocre. I’m the type of person that will quit if I don’t have quick results. It’s a disadvantage because I never stick around to find out the result which may benefit me in the long run. I don’t think there are any advantages in this case. I do however plan to stick this out and receive my degree in June 2o12.

3. What I learned from reading about the trait theories was that I am a little of all the traits. I think that it’s kind of hard to categorize yourself as just one trait. One can have so many different changes day to day. I think have more of a social personality. I am always willing to help and I enjoy being helpful and creative.

4. Investigative- prefers activities that involve thinking, organizing, and understanding, I like to understand issues and think about them before I make rash decisions.

Social- prefers activities that involve helping others, I often volunteer at nursing homes and soup kitchens.

Realistic- prefers physical activities that require skills and strength; I enjoy jogging and doing things that I physically see results.

5. I’ve already became more of an understanding person since I’ve gotten older. I believe that I know what I want out of life now and how to achieve that. I think from the information I read, that further helped me to understand that I am a social and realistic person.