The Criminal Justice System

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Dadrena Whigham

Colorado Technical University

CJUS630-1302A-01 Law Enforcement Management

Phase 5 individual Project Community Policing

Assistant Professor Peter J. Herdt

May 13, 2013


While community policing is being touted by some as the panacea for all

problems in the criminal justice system, others believe that it is just "old wine in a new

bottle." Many departments around the country have embraced the tenets of community

policing, yet few can answer the bottom-line question: Is it a better way to police?

This paper will provide a comprehensive history and evolution of Community

Policing; give a history of community policing and lessons learned in Clermont

the importance results of per post community crime for evaluation

present a crime tracking analysis model for community base

Profile Assessment and profile a new problem oriented policing data-base management


Addendum Abstract

The Police Department for many years has maintained a strained relationship with the community it serves. The Police Department has not aggressively pursued a positive image within the community. members of the community feels that the Police Department is out of touch with their needs and values. The community also feels that their respective neighborhoods are not safe and that the Police Department could do a better job of responding to Police Runs. Another community complaint is that the police department could do a better job of patrolling the communities. The research paper will be on community policing and it will address the positive effects that aggressive community policing will have on the relationship between the community and the Police Department. The paper will also weigh the pros and cons of community policing vs. traditional policing and illustrate the different types of patrol that the Police Department could utilize in an effort to...