The Case of Missing Raises

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| |2013 |

| |Professor: Hyondong Kim |

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| |Student: Neagu Iulia |

|[Organizational behaviour] |

|Written assignment CASE 10-Missing raises |

1. What is Marsha’s conflict managemnet style and how has it influenced events in this case? What were Marsha’s gloals and what conflict management style would have worked best in helping her achieve them?

Marsha Lloyd received a job offer as an Assistent Professor in the Deparment of Management at Central University. After discussing with her husband they decided it’s a good opportunity for her and she should accept the challange.

During the recruitment process Marsha agreed with the expected performance standards according to which the research and publication would be given increasing weight, but also teaching and service in respect to future departmental decision.

Marsha started her new job with enthusiasm. She was warmly received by her new collegues. Although things were going well she sensed internal problems between the faculty in respect to the weighting and standards that apply to performance merit.

The information received by the Dean pleased her. During the fall semester her activities were promissing because her students gave her positive feedback and in addition to this two of her papers were published by a journal and presented at a professional meeting. She was contributing to the Deparment of Management through this achievements.

Based on these achievements Marsha anticipated her performance review and expected to be rewarded justly in terms of the stated policy of...