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Business Research Ethics

Sandra Sharples


April 1, 2013

Christina Waddell

Business Research Ethics

Ethics periodically may fall between the cracks. When people do not consider ethics being the most important then the people have to have a better understanding that there will be consequences that they would have to deal with. This is the same issue that organizations or businesses will have to deal with when they do not use positive business ethics. Many organizations or businesses do not think that it is important to have positive business ethics but it is really important. Within this essay, I will discuss an article that will show how an organization engaged with unethical business research. This essay will also show specific occurrences and will make sure that it will show the key points of the organization.

The article that I have chosen from the University of Phoenix library to explain unethical business research would be “PLANS. Topic: 155 Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's” by Ragland, Vincent C. This article is about a scandal that has been tied to some of the two largest corporations within the United States, WorldCom and Adelphia Communications Company because both of the companies’ chief financial officers were charged with securities fraud. This scandal lead to the United States government establishing strict guidelines that large corporations and even small businesses must follow to allow that they can make sure that no one within the corporation or small business is doing anything unethical within the corporation or small business.

There were many people that were injured or hurt because of the unethical practices of the chief financial officers of these corporations. Many of the people injured or hurt were the employees of the corporations because not only did they lose their job because the company had to file for bankruptcy but they also lost all of their stocks or retirement plans that were established by the corporation....