Police Functions

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Raven Jones

Don Alan Mo Frederick


May 20,2013

Local, state and federal police agencies have similar roles yet still differ enough to be different agencies. Society is changing everyday which means that the law enforcement agencies will continually change as well. With every passing year, we have more individuals join these agencies. The more officers we have on each force, the better they can serve and protect our communities. Each agency may have a different way of handling business or doing things, but they are doing these tasks for the same reason.

The three different levels of policing are each important in their own ways. The officers that take on these jobs are doing it so that they can keep our nation safe from terrorist attacks and other things. As time goes on, everything around us is continually changing, which will have an effect on the way these different agencies work.

In order to be on the force of any of these agencies, there are certain types of things or duties that one must fulfill in order to remain on the force. Being on any of these agencies is a never ending job. There is always going to be crime, so there will always be a job to be done. The officers strive to make the communities that they live in a better place for them and their children.

The first agency that I want to discuss would be the local police. They may not rank high up like the federal police, but they are just as important as the other two agencies. The reason that the local police was created is so that they could feel safe where they lived and have someone patrolling the area. That way that if someone was going to commit wrongdoings, the officers would hopefully see and catch the person. You never know what kind of predicament you will be thrown into, so for this reason local officers are also trained to be able to help if an emergency situation arises. Other job duties for local cops are that they make routine traffic laws if someone is...