97 Bonnie and Clyde - Comparison Between Eminem and Tori Amos' Version

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How is the difference between genders explored in the two texts?

The difference between genders is explored in numerous ways throughout the two texts. The audience is able to infer the societal constructs made over time regarding the differences between the sexes. In Eminem’s version of ’97 Bonnie and Clyde’ he is the speaker, and this is representing the commonly perceived view of males as domineering and more out spoken. In Amos’ rendition of the song, whilst the wording remains the same, she is portrayed as the woman in the trunk and is listening to her partner speak, rather than talking for herself. This is symbolic of the societal belief that women often step back under the power of their male partners and are therefore, the least powerful of the pair. Additionally the subtle lyric change in Amos’ version presents to the audience the different worries present in the mind of the sexes. Eminem’s initial statement is “I’m always gonna be here for you no matter what happens”, symbolising his worry for the future and the possible consequences of his actions. Amos replaces the word ‘happens’ at the end of this phrase with ‘happened’ representing her need to acknowledge what has taken place, and meanwhile, reassuring her daughter that, even though her mother will no longer be around, she will always be present with her so that they can both move forward. Males are shown as always worrying about what the future holds and how things will pan out in the long run, whilst females are seen to be more worried about the present and coming to terms with issues now. In Amos’ version, she also represents males as very aggressive and vindictive through her tone and the deliverance of her voice. In the line ‘Don’t play with dada’s toy knife honey, let go of it’, Amos lowers her voice and puts on a more aggressive tone, taking on the role of her husband with great power and passion, and portraying him as an evil man. She also uses a very scornful tone throughout the song,...