Language Disorder in Children

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What is language?

Language refers to the understanding and use of words and sentence to convey specific thought or meaning in connected speech.

One of the medium used in expression of language is speech. These uses auditory input and vocal output. A language disorder is accompanied by speech problem because the relationship between the speech and language are inter connected.

Language disorder in children may be classified as primary or secondary based on their contributing factor. Language disorder in children may also be expressive language disorder or receptive language disorder. Some have mixed receptive-expressive language disorder meaning they have symptoms of both condition.

To develop language disorder a child must be able to hear, see, understand and remember. Child must also have the physical ability to form speech. In language disorder speech and language are not develop normally.

Receptive Language Disorders

Receptive language refers to a child's ability to understand and process either spoken or written language. Children may have problems in the following areas:

* following directions or completing instructions

* understanding complex sentence structures (eg. passive sentences)

* understanding the meaning and content of speech

* discriminating between sounds

* understanding word meanings

* understanding lengthy or complex speech

* may appear to `not be listening' or to be `ignoring you' most of the time

* not keeping up with his/hers classmates either academically or socially

* may cause behavioural problems or acting up in class etc

* may be easily distracted or drift off when listen to speech or reading stories

* may appear to be forgetful ie. only completes part of an instruction or remembers part of a shopping list etc

Expressive Language Disorders

Refers to a child's ability to express themselves and get their meaning across through either speaking or writing. Children with expressive language...