Training Need

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Training Need

VCT 410

Training Need

ABC Designs is a small web design and web development company with one location in Billings, Montana, founded on June 15, 2000. ABC Designs is presently using Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2003 to manage the accounting; thus the company is in need of modern accounting software that will integrate bidding, billing, and collections into a straightforward accounting process.

The current accounting process is long, complex, and leaves room for errors that the accounting department employees of ABC Designs are responsible for so end of day accuracy reviews are necessary. The current accounting process requires the accounting department to enter project data into an excel spreadsheet to achieve a bid amount. Upon approval of projects the accounting department must transfer the data to a Microsoft Word billing template. Balances over 30 days require the transfer of data to a Microsoft Word of an Associate’s degree in accounting; however, the experience levels are bound by the current accounting process. The objective is to ensure proficiency of the modern accounting software by increasing learners’ knowledge and building skills through proper training.

The entire accounting department of ABC Designs will require thorough four-week training on the modern accounting software, thus ensuring faultless transactions and a smooth transition.

Learning Goals

Rothwell and Kazanas (2008) stated, “Instructional goals are easy enough to point out and include such efforts as improving customer service, improving quality, increasing profitability, and increasing learner understanding” (p. 171). The following four learning goals are a summary of what the accounting department employees of ABC Designs should achieve throughout the training class.

Learning Goal One

The ABC Designs employees within the accounting department will need to master an understanding of the modern accounting software features for optimal workflow....