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The Closing of Public Schools

Vickey Adcock

American Intercontinental University


This is to try and explain some of the reasons that schools have to close. This will also talk about the fears of the parents and the students that attend them.

The Closing of Public Schools

There are many reasons why schools have to close. It may have to close due to funding or being in a very bad neighborhood that is no longer safe for the kids to attend. When this happens there are so many families that are affected by this.

Let’s start off with the funding of schools. Each year the states government allocates money for each area where it is needed. In this sometimes the schools get put to the back burner while they try and take care of other areas. So they try and shave money off the schools budgets and place it in other areas. In doing this they are taking away for the students. This may affect the buses and how they run. It may affect the schools buying much needed technical equipment or even books. And in some cases it may even effect the way your child gets there lunches. In turn when the schools have used all the money that they have the only alternative is to close the schools because they just don’t have the money to pay the teachers or anyone else on staff.

When this effect takes place it is laid in the laps of the parents. They have to try and find out where their child will be going and how they are going to get them there. Parents have a lot of questions and concerns when this happens. First off they need to know when the school is closing. Then they need to know where their child will be enrolling and finally are they going to be able to get them to school. This is hard on the kids because when this happens most of the time the kids have been going there for years. They have to deal with the changes of teachers and other...