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Excretory System Review Worksheet

Part A: Define the following terms in your own word. Be clear and concise!

|excretion |process by which body rids itself of metabolic wastes |

|ammonia |toxic waste product of protein/nitrogen compound metabolism |

|urea |compound that body converts NH3 to when producing nitrogenous wastes |

|uric acid |another nitrogenous waste product excreted by the kidneys |

|creatinine |a nitrogenous waste from breakdown of creatinine phosphate in muscle cells |

|kidneys |principle organs of excretion, filter blood, control blood volume, adjust blood pH |

|ureters |tubes that carry urine from kidney to bladder via peristalsis |

|urinary bladder |muscular sac that stores urine, empties via urethra |

|urethra |carries urine from bladder to outside of body, passes through penis in males |

|cortex |outer region of organ such as kidney. In kidney, contains glomeruli, capsule, tubules |

|medulla |inner region of kidney. Striated due to presence of many collecting ducts. Salty. |