Compensation and Benefits Plan

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Compensation and Benefits Plan

Compensation and benefits curriculum have a considerable amount of influence in a business’ capability to allure and retain workforce. Understanding the company’s goals, attracting experience candidates, and reward the existing employees will expand benefits and compensations to fit the potential position and work environment. By built on a strong working characteristic, respected core benefits package with insurance, and superior compensations Freeley & Driscoll can expand and fill a new position more effectively.

In response to Feeley & Driscoll, P.C.’s (the “Company”) operational goal of 10 percent annual revenue growth, a market development and expansion manager position will be created to lead the Company’s expansion into new markets beyond the New England demographic. In order to attract experienced candidates for the position, the compensation and benefits package must include a variety of options to meet the needs of the employee. At the same time, the proposed package should reflect the Company’s expectations for the position, utilizing a combination of fixed and performance-based compensation, and benefits to ensure the candidate is thoroughly invested in the Company’s success. Since its inception, the Company has built its success through the hard work and dedication of its employees. As a result, the Company has rewarded its employees with the highest salaries in its industry and region. The Company believes a mutually beneficial relationship with its employees fosters an organizational culture built on a strong work ethic, high levels of motivation, personal responsibility, teamwork, and respect.

One of the Company’s core competencies is the cumulative technical knowledge and experience of its employees. If the Company expects to capitalize on this core competency in new markets, it will need an experienced market development and expansion manager with a history of successful market expansions. If the Company...