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True marketing- based on the true needs of the customers.

Carpenter theory of marketing:

1. Ask people what they want

2. Design, program or service that meets that need

3. Tell them about it

Worst advice in marketing,” if it aint broke don’t fix it.”

Marketing functions- buying, selling, transporting, storing, standardizing and grading, financing, risk taking, information.

Production concept- consumers prefer products that are widely available and inexpensive

* Focus on high production efficiency

* Works best in developing countries

Product concept- favors products that offer the most quality

* Focus on performance and innovation

* Constant improvement

Selling concept- consumers and businesses will not buy enough product

* Must aggressively sell and market

* Works best with unsought goods

* Door to door

Marketing concept- emerged in 50’s

* Customer centered

* “sense and respond”

* Shift to proactive marketing

Holistic marketing concept- greek for “all, whole, or entire”

* Recognizes independence of all elements of marketing

* Everything matters

* Has 4 major dimensions

a. Customers, channels, partners and ability to deal with customers one at a time.

Integrated marketing- communications, products and services, channels

Internal marketing- marketing dep., senior management, other dept’s, challenges diplomacy, hiring, training, etc.

Socially responsible marketing- ethics, environment, legal, community

Value approach to marketing- understand customer value

Channels- communication, distribution, service

2 types of data in market research-1. Primary

A quantitative

B. Qualitative

2. Secondary- general research


Rule of 40-4-14

Retail- consumers can see the good they need from 40 feet away for the signage .

* Average person can see the product from 4 feet away. Catch the user

* Reads the label from 14 inches away.

Five product levels (exam) – 1. Core...