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first uploadsTarget Market Profile

Consumer Profile

The Saudi Arabian consumer profile is one that is becoming increasingly more knowledgeable and sophisticated about what is new and what is worth buying. This translates to consumers not being loyal to brand names. The typical consumer is young and has money which they are willing to spend. The country when viewed as a whole has high per-capita income and a market-oriented economy.

When thinking of making a purchase, price is very important in the decision process. Generally, Saudis will compare similar products before making a purchase. Likewise, after-sales services can help to instil brand loyalty among consumers who have moved from being passive buyers where their purchases are dependant on the views of others to becoming more active buyers who want the best for themselves. (smetool)

Demographic Segment

Population: 26,534,504 (July 2012 est.)

* Includes 5,576,076 non-nationals/expats

Age Structure (2012 est.)

0-14 years – 28% (male 3,913,755/female 3,727,767)

15-24 years – 19.8% (male 2,811,407/female 2,439,978)

25-54 years – 44.2% (male 6,769,529/female 4,971,415)

55-64 years – 4.1% (male 604,722/female 494,497)

65+ years – 3% (male 416,673/female 384,741)

Median Age (2012 est.)

Males – 26.7 years

Females – 24.4 years

School Life Expectance (2012)

Males – 14 years

Females - 13 years


Total: 86.6% (2010 est.)

Males – 90.4%

Females – 81.3%

All statistics related to

demographics are retrieved from


Geographic Segment

The population has its highest density along the south-western coastline bordering the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia actually has over 2,640 km of coastline. This area is home to the countries largest cities such as Jeddah (3.012 million) and Mecca (2 million) but not its capital of Riyadh which is located in the middle of the country. This location along the coast gives a competitive advantage to importers and exporters who can...