The Crusher Maintence in Stone Production Line

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In the Stone production line , the equipment used more relatively is crushing equipment , of which includs Jaw crusher for stone crushing, Impact crusher for secondary crushing and heavy Stone crusher for forming once. Sometimes we need to configure impact crusher (sand making machine) devices according to process requirements. So in the stone production line, the work of maintaining equipment is aimed at maintaining crushing equipment and do this work well will make the maintenance of the stone production line be completed successfully. Here Henan Hongxing outlined the crusher equipment maintenance from three important aspects.

1.The bearing maintenance of crushing equipment:

The crusher bearing parts are the most easily broken, and because it wears more in use it need to be maintained and refueled regularly to increase the service life of bearing.

2. Daily maintenance of crushing equipment:

In order to ensure the crushing equipment be in good technical condition, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime, improve good rates, utilization of crusher, reduce crusher wear and extend the srevice life of crusher, we should accomplish regular maintenance, correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and repair and not allow to use or repair it without maintaining

3. The lubrication maintenance of crushing equipment:

Often pay a attention and do the lubrication of friction surface timely can ensure jaw crusher do the normal operation and prolong its service life. The grease added in the bearing should be for 50-70% of capacity and it must be replaced every three months, when changing oil , we should clean roller bearings runway carefully by using clean gasoline or kerosene. When toggle plate and toggle plate pad contacts, we must add grease before crusher starting. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise in China, which is a professional manufacturer to produce crusher, Sand making machine , sand production line, stone...