Kay Sunderland Case Study

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Kay Sunderland

Case Study Review

MGT 541-Leadership & Change Management

Summer 1, 2013 MBA 13 SU

May 1st 2013


This paper provides an overview of problem identifying and solutions analysis to an issue involve with Attain Learning and Gramen Equipment Company. Gramen COO Juan Nunez complaints about Mike Morgan, content development director of Attain, irritated voice mails. In order to protect a possible long-term relationship with Gramen, Kay Sunderland, account executive of Attain, must find a way to confront to Morgan and deal with the issue. After performing solutions analysis on Sunderland's possible solutions, calling Morgan after his meeting would appears to be an appropriate handling solution. However, an alternative solution of calling Morgan after the meeting and then report to Chama is highly recommended due to the greater advantages.

Problems Identifications

One of the Attain Learning's current biggest clients is Gramen Equipment Company, a $3 billion manufacturer and marketer of landscape and agricultural equipment. Attain CEO Caroline Nicholas established an initial training contract which aim at elevate the financial acumen of nonfinancial managers and supervisors with Gramen's first Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Juan Nunez, in 2009. If the initial program becomes success, a long-term relationship and contract with Gramen is expected and it will definitely benefit Attain in future network with other big clients and potential for expansion.

CEO Nicholas and COO John Chama assigned Kay Sunderland the account and expected her to manage and execute the initial deployment. In addition, Mike Morgan is in charge of the creation of the content development and the supervision of his staff team. Morgan's initial vision for Gramen's training program, which involve a case study of the use of Gramen acquisition, was rejected by Nunez, who demand the training to be focus on Gramen's top two priorities for 2011: increasing inventory turnover...