Health Status and Health Care Services in the United Kingdom with Comparison to the United States

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Saundra Wilks


Health Status and Health Care

Services in the United Kingdom

with comparison to the United States

HSM310 Introduction to Health Service Management Course Project

Date Completed: November 28, 2009

II. Introduction:

Health care in the United Kingdom is funded by the National Health Service which provides universal health care for the residents of the United Kingdom. We will be looking at the population and health status of the residents of the United Kingdom, as well as, the availability of services, expenditures and financing, and the external influences that affect the health care system of this country. We will also be comparing the United Kingdom’s health care system to the health care system in the United States.

III. Body:

a. Population and Health Status

1. Demographic characteristics of population

2. Mortality, infant mortality, causes of death

3. Quality of life and other health status information

b. Availability of health services

1. Providers of care and the organization of services provided

2. Issues related to access

3. Utilization of services

4. Other related information

c. Expenditures

1. How health services are paid for; the roles of the government

2. Data on total expenditures

3. Other related information

d. External influences on the health care system

1. Political

2. Socioeconomic

3. Cultural

4. Technological and other relevant influences

IV. Conclusion:

1. Weaknesses/problems

2. Opportunities

3. Comparison to the United States

4. Concluding comments


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