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SWOT Analysis

Niclas Andersson

Technical University of Denmark

Department of Management Engineering Section for Planning and Management of the Built Environment

The aim of any SWOT analysis is:

• to identify the key internal/external factors that are important to reach the objective.


aspects for business


aspects for business



Strength Opportunities

Weaknesses Threats

Strength and Weaknesses are INTERNAL aspects:

• Can be influenced by the company/organisation

Opportunities and Threats are EXTERNAL aspects:

• - Cannot be influenced by the company/organisation



SWOT analysis

• a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture.

• … specifying the objective of the business/project … identifying the internal and external factors … favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective. • … SWOTs are essential because subsequent steps … may be derived from the SWOTs.


• • • •

STRENGTH Your marketing expertise A new product or service. Location of your business. Quality processes and procedures.

• • • •

WEAKNESS: Lack of expertise. Location of your business. Poor quality goods or services. Damaged reputation.

• • • •

OPPORTYNITY A developing market Joint ventures/alliances A new international market A market vacated by an ineffective competitor.

THREAT • A new competitor in your home market. • A competitor has a new,product or service. • Taxation is introduced on your product or service.

SWOT Analysis Nike, Inc. Strengths. Nike is a very competitive organization. Phil Knight (Founder and CEO) is often quoted as saying that 'Business is war without bullets.' Nike has a healthy dislike of is competitors. At the Atlanta Olympics, Reebok went to the expense of sponsoring the games. Nike did not. However Nike sponsored the top athletes and...