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June 1999 Eng. as Second Language

Letter to a Pen pal

Dear Tony Hudson,

Yesterday, the 4th of February is one of the happiest days to our family. We are excited beyond imagination on the arrival of a baby in our family. You may wonder what is there to be so excited about it.

My sister got married to Mr. John, her eight years boy-friend seven years ago. Since then they have been hoping against hope for a child, but God and nature were against. Infertility is a shame in our society. People look down upon you if you don’t get a child within two years. Don’t you remember the adage ‘Man proposes and God disposes’. Whenever my relatives and neighbours talked about a child she had only tears as reply. Finally God has answered her prayers. Yesterday she gave birth to a healthy baby child of 3.2 kgs

I am so excited that I have got a child to play with whenever I feel bored with my studies. My sister told me she would name her as Marygem, means a gem from Mary. We have decided to host a party to all our friends and neighbours on the naming ceremony day. I will enjoy my favourite food ‘Biriyani’ on the day. Should I send a packet to taste? Along with my next letter I will send you a photograph of the child too. (221 words)

With love


May/June 1999

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