Role and Function of Law

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Role and Functions of Law

Brian Scherrer

LAW 421

Apr. 29, 2013

Safiya Byars

Role and Functions of Law

Law according to Melvin S.P. (2011) is defined as, “a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having legal binding force”. Laws generally reflect the current ethics of a society and are then enforced to protect business and society. Laws play a vital function and role in business and society today. Laws are always in the background and affect us in everyday life, yet we rarely think about how they apply to society and business.

If we didn’t have laws to govern our society then citizens would begin to take matters into their own hands and anarchy would take over. Laws are in place to create order and allow a government to dictate to it’s citizens what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior. When these laws are broken or disregarded then consequences are applied to the person or entity. Generally speaking, laws create a clear set of rules, which are called public laws. Public laws can be criminal, administrative or constitutional. Public laws create agencies to enforce these laws. Private laws help protect and keep order in business situations. This includes contracts, real estate, and any other business situations.

Business and society benefit from laws that are applied evenly and fairly because it sets up a court system which also enforces and determines if a person or entity has broken any law. Laws help businesses conduct business, which in turn helps society by employing them under these laws.

Laws help to regulate natural resources, which businesses use to turn into resources for profit. The government limits the exploitation of water, land, oil and trees for businesses. This helps protect the environment and provides a stable ecosystem for society to function reasonably.

Another function of law for businesses and society is to promote safety. The government issues laws and regulations to keep...